If I Ever Fall in Love by Amy Oliveira


Over a shaky breath I tell myself one more time: I’m Marcela Santiago, I’m nothing but resilient.

I’m Miss Always With a Plan, but since losing my job and becoming undocumented, my life turned into one disaster after another.
Life is chaos. Frankly, I got used to it.
Until him.
Thad J Jones barrels himself into my life like he has the right. Suddenly he’s everywhere. A musician, a flirt and a dream in a tight black t-shirt. He’s everything good girl Marcela should avoid.
But he’s offering me an out. He proposes to me when we both know becoming Mrs. Jones is the only way out of this mess.
I should say no.
It’s a felony, and he’s too good-looking to resist.

God, if I ever fall in love, I hope it’s not with my husband.

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African American, Multicultural & Interracial Romance

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