Hushed by Britni Hill


Hushed is a standalone new adult and college romance in the Western Palm series.

Tess Jacobson feels like a magnet for all the wrong guys. When she started Western Palm University she left behind a horrible ex-boyfriend and vowed she’d never fall for good looks and lies again. She sets her standards high, knowing exactly the type of guy she needs to find.

Until she meets Blake Martin. He’s the opposite of the vision in her mind. He’s handsome with a bad boy smirk. The attraction between them is instant, but Tess refuses give in.

Her past sends her running in someone else’s direction. Too bad people aren’t always who or what they seem to be, and first impressions can be misleading.

When Tess decides she’s done with love and putting her focus on school, a spring break trip pushes them together.
Sparks fly when Blake and Tess are forced into tight quarters. Sneaking around behind closed doors is easy.

After they return to Western Palm, can Tess continue to deny the feelings between them?

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