Hurts So Good by Dee Ellis


Bobbi Gallo knows how to have a good time and doesn’t mind if the world knows it. What she does not want the world to know is just how lonely she is. All the pretty boys and parties in the world can’t chase it away.

Bishop Grant has no time for a good time, much less for romance. When buxom and bold Bobbi catches his eye, he can’t seem to remember why he avoided romance before. He wants more of her—no matter what it costs him. He’s going to show her a party of two is where it’s at, when it’s with a real man.

Once again we’re going back to the radical 1980s! Make that mixtape, pull on your legwarmers, and moonwalk your way through these fun stories set in Pine Grove. Hit Skateland, the soda shop, the arcade, and of course, Pine Grove Galleria in this set of standalone stories from some of your favorite authors set in the decade of decadence. It’s the 80s, baby!

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