Hunting in HER name by Silver Vixen


The husband hunts, and the wife devours — Albert is a successful businessman, striking deals and putting down the competition in cold blood. By all outward appearances, he’s a traditional family man. However, he has a secret hobby that’s far from conservative. While away on a business trip, poised to make millions, he’s only excited about one thing: his wife at home. Victoria is a curvy trophy wife, adored and loved by her older husband. When she isn’t at her boutique shop or doing Pilates with girlfriends, she enjoys exotic vacations, horseback riding, and an abundance of strapping lovers handpicked by her husband. Yes, Albert may fill the coffers, but who’s going to fill Victoria? This weekend, well-endowed Liam is coming to satisfy the Queen of Spades. Passion, rough sex, creampies, and endless orgasms fill this BBW BBC tale.

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