Hunted By The Vampire Prince by Nikki Grey


A bounty hunter lost in a town of vampires. What could go wrong?

Being the protective older sister was a badge that was imposed upon me.
I didn’t choose it.
But Jonas did, every time he would get in trouble.

This time was no different.
He steals from a drug dealer, who wants just one thing: the vampire prince’s ring.
And guess who has to go fetch it?

My dark adventure starts at Bluderry, the Academy of the Arcane.
A human can enter this place only as a snack.
Luckily, the gypsies bought me some time to roam around and find what I need.

But when I do find it, I will leave much of myself behind.
My virginity.
My mind.
And most importantly, my heart.

Dare I go back for it, or will the dark prince come for me?

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