Hunk and Hero by Jo Grafford


When a rough-around-the-edges Marine is tasked with playing bodyguard to a flirty rodeo queen…

Combat veteran Lyon Garrett has seen real action overseas, so he’s skeptical about taking on such a frivolous assignment. Though the lovely cowgirl insists her life is in danger, the only risks in sight are the overwhelming odds she’ll sprain an ankle in her ridiculously high-heeled boots.

Elle Corrigan has worked hard to build her reputation as a gum-chewing, gossip-spreading, life-of-the-party kinda gal. It’s the perfect cover for her real job as a private investigator. That is, until her current case takes a dangerous turn, forcing her to turn to K&G Security for help.

When their big and tough senior partner shows up for duty, she is thrown off balance by his haunted gaze and the battle scars that no amount of ink on his arms can hide — and don’t even get her started on their wildly inconvenient spark of attraction. How’s a girl supposed to keep her secrets safe and solve her case while constantly being distracted by her hunky protector?

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