How to Marry Your Frenemy by London Casey


Callie: I don’t care if every male in the office stares at my butt. They’ll be the ones kissing it when I land this deal and get the big promotion. The fancy new apartment. The corner office—where I’ll sit in my leather chair and wave two middle fingers at my nemesis. Jackson. Jackson of the dark chocolate eyes, the perfect hair, the bad-boy reputation, and family name on the company letterhead. I can’t wait to fire his perfect butt.

Jackson: With a twitch of her too-tight skirt, a flutter of her wild greenish eyes, Callie can cockblock me into next Tuesday. Otherwise, we’re good together. Just not that way. My uncle’s main form of entertainment is pitting us against each other to make the company millions. But my uncle must be bored, because he’s got a deal for us. Get married. If we stay married for half a year, we both get seven-figure payout. Legal? Probably. Ethical? Iffy. Tap out? Not in a million years.

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Romantic Comedy

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