How to Find Totally Mr. Wrong by London Casey


Gage: My buddies say I need a life outside of work, women, and whiskey, blah blah blah. Then I wake up in a strange bed. Which isn’t new, except this one is in a…homeless shelter? One look at the woman in charge is a punch to my heart. Beautiful. Heart of gold. Tosses my number straight into the trash. Then I get a chance to help her out. If I get the power turned back on at her shelter, I won’t need a flashlight to find my way into her panties.


Willow: Everyone says I need more fun, less stress. Tough to do when I’m hard-wired to drop everything to help anyone and everyone, even the obviously rich guy I pour into a bed at my shelter to sleep it off. He’s trouble. So, his number? Right into the trash. Until I dig it out—because he can “clap on” the lights. And maybe I’m seeing him in a new light, too. Because I’m fool enough to let him kiss me…

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Romantic Comedy

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