How to Fall For Your Best Friend’s Brother by London Casey


Sydney: I just got a proposal from the perfect man—according to my parents. It was horrible. Mainly because it was my uterus getting the diamond, not me. My first instinct was to send the text that always bails me out. But I made a promise to stay away from Dax, and stay on the path laid out for me. So far, I haven’t met anyone who makes matrimony more appealing than moneymaking. *See above about the promise.

Dax: Women generally fall into my bed. Then I open my mouth, and they set my clothes on fire as they’re headed for the door. On the upside, I’m insanely rich and happy. There’s only one promise I’ve kept—stay away from Sydney. So naturally, she clings to my memory like that one mistake clings to my rap sheet. When one text gone astray brings us back together, and sliding down memory lane. But here’s the thing about memory lane. It can make you never want to let go…even if you have to burn every promise you ever made to the ground.

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