How the Lord Married His Lady by Laura A. Barnes


One cannot force love, but must wait for the perfect moment to make their match.

The love she held for him was a burden she carried in her heart. His family’s legacy kept him from opening his heart to her love. Can they overcome their doubts and share a lifetime of love?

Abigail Cason was a dreamer. When she met her knight in shining armor, her heart only bowed to him. The friendship she shared with him led her to believe he would ask her to become his bride. Even with his promise to wed another, Abigail still dreamt of the impossible. After his broken betrothal, she thought her dreams would come true. With each stolen kiss, she eagerly anticipated his proposal. However, his request turned out to be an offer of obligation. She spent a lifetime as an obligation and she refused to spend her marriage in the same fashion. No matter how much she loved him. Will she ever be worthy enough for his love?

Lucas Gray felt the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. His heart pulled him in the opposite direction of where he must stand. But the tempting lure of sweet kisses drew him to seduce the lady who haunted his every desire. He had a duty to marry well and his father secured him a bride worthy enough for the match. When his intended abandoned him, he was free to make his own decision about who he wanted for a wife. Abigail made him dream of the impossible. However, she held no status in society. Only a heart full of love for him. Can he form a new legacy with the love he holds for her?

Destiny demanded for their two souls to intertwine. A family who risked everything to make the match a success. Will Abigail and Lucas allow their doubts to keep them apart? Or will they make their dreams a reality?

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