How the Lady Seduced the Viscount by Laura A. Barnes


When one believes in love, they will embrace …

She wanted to keep her independence. He wanted her to accept his marriage proposal. After her uncle withdrew his support of their union, will they discover they only need each other’s acceptance for a happily ever after?

Jacqueline Holbrooke refused to become the latest match in her uncle’s mad matchmaking scheme. She watched her sisters and cousins fall victim to his madness. Yet, if she were honest with herself, they weren’t victims, but just as mad as their uncle. Madly in love. An emotion Jacqueline fought to keep from embracing. However, the dashing viscount she shared scandalous trysts with kept breaking down the barriers guarding her heart. With each scandalous kiss and gentle caress, her resistance crumbled. Soon, an unexpected but very welcoming surprise caused Jacqueline to question her resistance to the dashing and honorable gentleman. Will Jacqueline keep resisting what her heart desires? Or will she allow the viscount to capture her heart?

Griffen Kincaid carried on an affair with an innocent lady for the past three years. With every secret rendezvous, she wrapped her spell tighter around him. He waited with patience for Jacqueline to accept his offer. However, every time she rejected his suit. When her family learned of their affair, he must prove himself worthy of her love. Griffen set out to woo Jacqueline, enticing her into a scandalous bet to win her affections. When someone from his past arrives at Colebourne Manor and slanders his name, Griffen fears Jacqueline will question their love. Can Griffen convince Jacqueline of his true character? Or will his past be the reason for his ultimate demise?

A lady who allowed her fears to keep her from finding happiness. A gentleman whose past behavior could ruin his chance at winning his true love’s heart. Will Jacqueline and Griffen allow the obstacles in their path to tear their fragile love asunder? Or will they embrace the seduction of their love?

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