Hot Maui Nights by Kameron Claire


What happens when you give into your desires and have a weekend fling with a man who has no intentions of letting you go Sunday night?

He’s the president and cofounder of the firm. He’s also the hot as f&ck man I slept with three months ago after a night of celebratory drinks while on a business trip. I completely cut him off the next morning and have done my best to avoid him ever since.

But now we’re at a company retreat, complete with luaus and alcohol, shirtless men and barely there bikinis.

I know he’s here watching me because I’m watching him too.

My brain says no. I can’t let l anyone think I slept my way into my promotion.

But one look at his hard physique and my body screams yes.

Can I allow myself to have one more weekend with him, no strings attached?

Do you think he’ll go for it?

I guess I’m about to find out.

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