Hot for the Ex by Daniella Brodsky


(Previously titled Aloha Old Flame)

Michael: I did the right thing convincing Emma to sever her small-town tie to the island that would only drag her back. And for years, I’d convinced myself I was the hero in all this, until I couldn’t convince myself any longer. I won’t make the same mistake twice. She thinks she can keep me in the friend zone? Well, we’ll see about that. I need Emma, body and soul. And despite her elaborate attempt to conceal the truth, I know she feels the same. This time, I’m not leaving the island without her.

Emma: I’ve never had much luck resisting Michael Kavanagh. That’s why I locked my heart up long ago, and threw away the key. But ever since Michael re-emerged, I can’t stop thinking about him. Which is pretty bad luck, since I’ve spent the last ten years forgetting him. Suddenly, my cozy, satisfying life feels like a sham. And before I know it, every rule I’d made to uphold it gets broken. I know I’m destined for heartbreak if I let him in again. And yet, It’s impossible to ignore the effect he has on me from that very first whiff of his cologne. Terrifyingly, every attempt I make to pretend I’m immune falls flat, because it soon becomes clear he not only melts me with a single glance, but knows me better than anyone. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep this platonic. Even if the mere sight of his shoulder blade beneath his shirt makes me melt. Right?

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