Hook by Colleen Charles


I’ve never met a woman I couldn’t charm…

The devil’s in the details and I like to keep them vague.

As one of the most successful real estate moguls in NYC, I’m filthy rich and filthy mouthed.

Those cosmo girls in my social circle like a guy with… ahem… assets, so I get everything I want – whenever I want it.

Until I meet her. Gorgeous, smart, Chastity.

Studying hard for her Master’s. Refusing to let my money and power influence her decisions. Pushing me away at every turn.

She’s completely unexpected.

Before I even lay eyes on her, I hear her seductive voice. But when we meet face to face in my office elevator, our sizzling electric connection steals my breath.

She’s not the kind of woman I usually pursue, pure, untouched and totally off limits.

But that won’t stop me from claiming Chastity as mine.

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