Hollywood Dreams by Molly O’Hare


After scoring a role in a movie with her celebrity crush, Trevor McCain, curvy Maggie discovers the Hollywood heartthrob is actually a jerk. But as their chemistry ignites on set, the line between love and hate begins to blur. Check out what sparks fly in this Bully meets RomCom mash-up.

Maggie’s beside herself finding out her first role in a big movie just so happened to have her all-time favorite Hollywood crush starring in it. However, her first experience on a film set could not have gone any worse. One wrong turn through a closed door, and wham!

Finding out your celebrity crush was the ultimate jerk was not on Maggie’s to-do list. Yet, here she was. Although, Trevor had another thing coming if he thought she’d sit on the sidelines and let him ruin the career she’d worked hard for. Maggie refused to take crap for anyone, including hotshot, big-headed Trever McCain.

Trevor’s Hollywood’s leading man and he used that to his advantage. Whatever he wanted, he got. And, he’d never met his match until the day Maggie showed up. Who knew the curvy women’s confidence and ability to tear him down a few hundred notches would ignite something inside him? He shouldn’t want her. And yet, Maggie was all he could think about.

When the tension between them gets too hot for either of them to handle, can Trevor fix what he’d already screwed up?

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