Holly’s Fake Date for Christmas by Ann Omasta & Callie Love


Jewelry designer Holly Hennessey’s life never goes quite right. The pink positive sign on the pregnancy test is even more proof of that. Her one night of drunken debauchery is going to change everything.

Holly’s family insists that she come home to the Florida Keys for the holidays. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend, Liam, and his beautiful fiancé, Bella, will be there.

Unwilling to admit the truth about how she got knocked up, Holly devises a plan to keep from looking like a complete fool in their eyes.

Gorgeous Zane Alexander will be the perfect fake date for Christmas. She convinces the handsome, seductive man to pretend to be her boyfriend and baby daddy. Once the holidays are over, they’ll stage a breakup and go their separate ways.

There’s only one problem with Holly’s grand scheme… There’s much more to sexy Zane than she imagined.

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