His Wicked Touch by Rochelle Summers


A desire-drenched encounter. He’s definitely getting more than he bargained for.

Daniel Hastings has been burned by women too many times. He’s built walls around his heart and is a firm “one and done” kinda guy. But when a passionate interlude with a beautiful stranger gets under his skin, his walls begin to crumble. Certain he’d seen the last of her, his jaw drops days later when she struts into his office.

Kendra Hall is focused on her big break. Steeling herself for her interview the next day, the would-be graphic designer heads to her hotel bar for some stress-relieving drinks. But it’s meeting a gorgeous man that helps her release all her tension during a scorching one-night stand.

Her moment has arrived. She walks in ready for her interview, and, facing the man at the center of her swoon-worthy encounter, Aurora can’t breathe. She’s worked towards this moment for the last four years and it was within her grasp. Until now.

Can a heated moment of desire become an all-consuming love?

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