His Snowbound Mountain Virgin by Penelope Wylde


Falling for the snowbound virgin was the easy part. Keeping her…not so much.


Christmas is the worst time to deliver bad news and I’m not leaving the warmth of my Texas apartment for the colds of Alaska because I love the snow.

I’m surely not doing it for all the hot, plaid covered Alaskan alpha men with bulging muscles and possessive hands. In particular, one bar owner that takes hard muscles to a whole new level. But it sure doesn’t hurt.

A little holiday fun will help the news of me dropping out of med school to my sister a little easier. That’s a win-win in my book.

Until my savage mountain man is forced to burst our happy little bubble when trouble finds us in the middle of a blizzard.


Devious and deviant is how I feel when I first see her. MINE is all I can think. I’m too old for a young, beautiful thing like her. Snowbound virgins are a firm no on my list of things not to do. Then again, when they have delicious curves, soft green eyes and a sassy mouth… well, we all have our weaknesses. She’s mine.

She’s my brother’s sister-in-law and is naked inside five minutes of arriving in Savage Ridge, Alaska. Not my doing, blame it on local Christmas traditions, but I’m enjoying the hot, winter view all the same.

I’m not opposed to no-strings-attached holiday sex, but she’s armed with ugly Christmas sweaters and a sweet, southern drawl that has me looking for ways to make her smile and melt in my hands.

I’m in danger of finding a little Christmas cheer if I’m not careful and I fear I’ll want more than just one Christmas with my snowbound mountain virgin before the lights come down.

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