His Island Lady by Robynn Honeychurch


Passion, angst and uncompromising ideals collide in this west coast love story set on charming Hornby Island in British Columbia.
Rebecca Redding lives a peaceful island life where she creates mystical sculptures in her beach-side cottage… until her entire world shifts on its axis when she meets globe-trotting Cameron Burdock. Their passionate on-again-off-again affair threatens her calm, independent life. She wants to keep their relationship casual, but her heart breaks each time he leaves… Rebecca has to figure out what she truly wants and if she can trust Cameron enough to allow him into her heart.
Cameron’s successful life includes his downtown Vancouver home and his international photojournalism career. But his life takes a dramatic turn after he makes the fateful trip to interview Rebecca! He’s mesmerized by her elusive, enchanting spirit, her lovely face and voluptuous body. He soon falls for her… but how can he fit her into his busy schedule? Does he love her enough to shift his priorities?
Do they love each other enough to bridge the distance between them?

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