His Forbidden Ward by Pippa Lux


She doesn’t know me like she thinks she knows me. She’s rattling a pretty unstable cage…

Kaylene: When my dad plucks his godson off the streets and brings him home to live with us, he becomes mine. My playmate. My protector. And, eventually, my boss. At first, he’s aloof and distrustful, but my persistence breaks through the tough shell and I become his “monkey.” Only problem is…I grow up. And he grows distant again. I refuse to let that stand. Why? He’s my first love. My everything. I’m determined to make him see we’d be perfect together. But I should’ve known it wouldn’t be that simple. Aiden refuses to bite, claiming he’s not interested in me in that way. Yeah right. He should work harder on masking the wild, possessive gleam in his eyes. Or stop interfering in every aspect of my life like I belong to him—unless he’s ready to follow through.

Aiden: Nothing has tested my will more than the walking temptation that is Kaylene Givens. I know what she wants from me, and as much as I’d die to, I can’t give it to her. These hands have done things that would send her screaming if she had an inkling. These hands remind me daily who I really am—a bad man who would stain her innocence if he so much as touched her that way. I can’t. And what guts me more than knowing I’ll never get to taste her, is knowing I hurt her every time I act like she’s not good enough for me. I’m the one who’ll never be good enough for her. A point that’s hammered home when the darkness from my past comes calling, with Kaylene in its crosshairs.

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Steamy or Erotic Romance

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