Hint of Her Blood by Sarah Spade


When Aleks looks at me, he sees his past. I see a future that I just can’t have…

For most of my life, being Luna-touched was a blessing. Then I met Jack “Wicked Wolf” Walker and it wasn’t long before it became a curse.

I thought I’d be trapped in my gilded cage forever—until his long-lost daughter returned to the Wolf District, handing him his first defeat in more than twenty-five years. She spared his life, but our laws are clear: an Alpha who loses a challenge is no Alpha. Our pack was forced to disband, and I finally was free.

Which… isn’t as great as it sounds. I have no family. No real friends. No money. And a vampire who looks at me like he’s desperate for a bite.

Aleksander Filan thinks I’m someone that I’m not. And while it would be too easy to let this handsome, sexy, magnetic vampire take care of me, I reject him if only because I’m terrified of what the Luna whispers to me at night.

I mean, he can’t be my fated mate, right?

I’m a wolf. He’s a bloodsucker. I’m damaged goods, and he’s… well, he has his own baggage, doesn’t he?

He promises that he wants me. That he sees me. And when the Wicked Wolf follows me to Muncie, Aleks will have the chance to prove he means it.

After all, for a hint of my blood, he vows he’ll do anything.

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