Hickory Grove Academy by Dove Daniels


All four Hickory Grove Academy books in one box set.

Cherish Me
He’s used to getting what he wants and he wants her.
She’s convinced she can avoid getting hurt if she ignores how much she likes him.
Jagger Davis could have any girl he wants, but he wants Bonnie Jackson. When he sets his mind to something, he doesn’t give up until he reaches his goal. And Jagger’s goal is Bonnie.
Bonnie knows Jagger from her past and she’s been gaga for him ever since. But she knows there’s no way a guy like Jagger would want a curvy, virgin like her. It’s best if she just avoids him altogether.

Treasure Me
He wasn’t looking to settle down, but he gets one look at her and it’s all he wants.
She’s resigned to being the mousy, nerdy virgin living on her own. There’s no way a guy like him could want a girl like her.
Gunner Davis is used to flashy, outgoing, shallow women. When he meets the shy school librarian, he realizes just what he’s been missing in his life.
Hattie Pierce doesn’t want to be alone, but she’s accepted it as her future. When Gunner insists on staking a claim in her life, she’s helpless to turn him down.

Worship Me
He loved her way back then and he’s determined to love her now.
She never stopped loving him, but she’s worried they’ve changed too much.
Fox Williams understands why they broke up all those years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to turn down the opportunity to make her his girl again.
Daisy West has convinced herself she’d rather have Fox in her life as a friend than not at all. She’s not expecting anything more.

Yearn for Me
He sets his sights on her and never looks back.
She wishes she could believe him when he says age is just a number, but she’s not so sure.
Axel Taylor wasn’t planning on dating and settling down, but then Olive walks into his life and everything changes. Can he prove to her that age doesn’t matter?
Olive Boone has a past full of baggage and is convinced she’s too old and washed up for love. But Axel makes her want to believe that isn’t true.

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