Her Wicked White by Tammy Andresen


Meet the White family…

Benedict White is the new Duke of Whitehaven but he’s inherited a whole set of old problems right along with his dukedom.

Warring siblings.
A mysterious clause within his father’s will.
And swirling questions about his father’s death.

He’s a man who lives his life alone. How can he untangle himself from this mess? Still, he’ll do what’s best for the dukedom no matter how much he hates the task. And when he meets his sister’s companion, Miss Chloe Fairly, he can’t deny that he’s tempted. As lovely as she is sweet, he’d keep her for himself if he were a different sort or if there were a heart still in his chest. But he’s pretty sure he lost his years ago. And he’s got enough problems without adding a temptress to the list.

She’s a lady in want of a hero…

The Honourable Chloe Fairly, a baron’s daughter, has taken one of the few options open to a woman in genteel poverty. She’s become a companion to one Lady Millicent White. And while the two women have become dear friends, Chloe knows that she’ll likely have to find a new position once Millie marries. Which will be very soon, thanks to her hardheaded brother, the new duke of Whitehaven. Unless Chloe can convince Ben to give Millie and herself more time. Which isn’t easy. He’s stubborn and growly and so handsome, every thought leaves her head whenever he speaks…

But Chloe can’t afford to lose herself in a dream of a handsome and dashing duke who sweeps her up in an epic sort of love. She’s got reality to face and being a duchess is not within her grasp. Is it?

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Historical Romance

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