Her Secret Billionaire Roommate by Bree Livingston


Bestselling author Olivia Weber needs inspiration. A full year late on the deadline for her next book, she risks being fired from her publishing company if she can’t deliver. Hoping to break free from heartbreak-fueled writer’s block, she packs her bags for a two-week getaway in Snowshoe, Montana.

Working himself to the brink of exhaustion, CEO Gabriel Saxon retreats to his family’s cabin in search of some much-needed relaxation and recuperation after a bitter breakup. Much to his surprise, it’s already occupied by a woman claiming she rented it. He wants her gone, pronto, but a looming snowstorm makes that impossible.

As the snowdrifts swell outside, the two are forced to ride out the storm together. Will more than a crackling fire thaw their icy hearts? Or will the truth behind his business dealings build a fortress of frost between them?

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