Her Savage Mountain Man by Penelope Wylde


I’m not your typical girl next door. I’m royalty. A princess to a diamond empire and untouchable to many. My father made sure of that fact.

But not before the eldest Savage brother could ruin me for all other men.

That was five years ago. Before the brutal death of my mother tore me a world away. And from the mountain man I loved.

But I never forgot those sexy, wild whiskey eyes or the way his strong arms and soft kisses made me sigh.

Now that my father is gone, I’m in line to ascend the family throne and fortune. Before that can happen there’s a family secret my father wants me to uncover as his final wish.

Only it’s the dead of winter and he never told me the path I needed to travel would lead me straight into the arms of a savage mountain man. A man who has a long memory of how to work my body and wants a second chance at ruining me.

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