Her Pathway Towards Forgiveness by TMH Writer


Her Pathway Towards Forgiveness follows the lives of CJ and Ann, who met when they were fifteen and fourteen years old at summer camp. The two were swiftly separated when Ann returned home, and her image-obsessed parents learned that she was pregnant. At fourteen years old, and with no support from her parents, Ann’s sister, Michelle, and her husband adopted the baby, Terri, and took in Ann. For years they went on this way as a happy little family until tragedy struck, and only Ann and Terri were left. Ann couldn’t find it within herself in Terri’s time of need to be there for her. Thus, their relationship was destroyed.

Meanwhile, CJ grew up unaware of his child and eventually became a successful musician, thinking he’d reached all his goals. That is until one day when he runs into a model at an event that reminds him of his grandmother and a long-lost friend. Can a family broken apart by secrets find a way to come together again?

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