Her Own Parisian Holiday by LaShelle L. Turner


Shamira Clarke finally saved up enough money for the trip of a lifetime, spending Christmas and New Year’s in Paris. After months of learning French on an app, she is ready to visit the city of love and lights. Then, a family financial emergency forces her to give up her long-held dream. Staying true to her role of the good daughter, she gives the much-needed funds to her parents.

She dreads spending another chaotic Christmas stuck in Georgia with the usual holiday family drama and an absentee boyfriend; Shamira mourns the lost of her dream holiday vacation. With the help of her best friend, coworker, and fellow Francophile, she finds a little bit of Paris in Atlanta. She goes on her own local French romantic adventure with a handsome French chef, Sebastian Toussaint. Will she get to finally make her Parisian dream a reality?

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