Her Filthy Bratva Bodyguards by Penelope Wylde


Originally published as Guarding Their Valentine, but India deserved more! So, I’ve re-imagined her story as a full-length hot baby-making reverse harem mafia romance that brings the heat and happily-ever-after!

My trio of bratva men were a one-night stand. My filthy little secret I got to hide from the rest of the world.

After they popped my reverse harem cherry I thought that was where it would end. But they had other ideas. The bastards made a deal with my father and now I am theirs until they say otherwise.

And since my father will do anything to protect his only remaining child he willingly handed me over all because of the threats on my life.

But these ruthless men aren’t claiming to be my saviors. They’re set on ruining me and make no secret of the fact. Between these three men I know their brand of fire will be nothing short of all-consuming and all they want from me is one more night to prove it.

They try to hide their true natures but I know they are nothing short of hungry wolves.

To be honest, I don’t know which is worse. Being chased by an unknown threat or being eaten by my wolves.

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