Her Cowboy Billionaire Beast by Liz Isaacson


A cowboy billionaire beast, the woman he asks out in front of everyone, and the family traditions that softens his heart and bring Cy and Patsy together.

When Cy Hammond loses his girlfriend and then his custom motorcycle shop, he needs a fresh start. He sets his sights on Coral Canyon, because the majority of his family is there now.

When he attends a tree-lighting ceremony at Whiskey Mountain Lodge, he’s unprepared for the attraction between him and a certain blonde…who’s tried to run him over before.

Patsy Foxhill didn’t mean to nearly hit Cy the day she met him at her family orchard. The land had been in her family for generations, and her sister’s mismanagement of it caused them to have to sell some of the land. She was distressed. She also hasn’t forgotten about Cy Hammond. So when he asks her out over the speaker system at the lodge, Patsy can only say one thing. Yes.

As they start to spend more time together, she realizes Cy has a bit of a beastly streak, but as she truly gets to know the cowboy billionaire behind the beast, she realizes what a good heart he has.

Can Patsy’s faith in Cy rejuvenate his trust in women? Or will he let everyone down…including himself?

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