Her Billionaire Boss by Jo Grafford


When the CEO of a mega corporation hires the daughter of his family’s biggest rival to serve as his personal assistant…

Jacey Maddox decides to atone for her role in a bitter corporate feud by going to work for the competitor firm. That is, if they’ll consider hiring a hated Maddox.

CEO Luca Calcagni is determined to teach the rebel youngest daughter of his family’s oldest rival the lesson of her life by agreeing to her foolish request for a job. He gives her a punishing schedule with one goal in mind — to send her running. However, he gets schooled in return when she bravely holds her ground, rekindling his attraction to her that he’d mistakenly assumed he was over.

A man known as a cobra in the boardroom isn’t supposed to fall for the enemy, and two very powerful families are guaranteed to disapprove if he pursues their second chance at love.

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