Heat for Hire by V. K. Ludwig


Scarred. Stranded. Oh… and in heat.

Elli: I thought things were a struggle when my insurance refused to pay for my breast reconstruction surgery. But here I am, crashing my omega-classified ladyparts on a planet that makes me do silly things—like dry-hump the big, scaled, growly police officer who pulls me from the wreck. Until the next ship leaves for Earth, I have to embrace my inner omega. Problem is, I barely even feel like a woman.

Rhen: Having a heated Terran female run away from me during her rescue isn’t my favorite way to end my night shift. My growl improves it somewhat, because now she’s rubbing herself on me as I race her to the emergency intake. When she asks me to help her through her approaching heat, I hesitate. How am I supposed to ease Elli’s fears when an injury robbed me of the ability to purr?

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