Heart Wrenched by Jeré Anthony


Talk about a bad day.

My manuscript–that one that was going to launch my career writing soap operas–was stolen by an intruder, I somehow became a fur-mama (I don’t even like dogs!), and my meddling grandmother entered me into a contest that could make my career overnight… if only I had that stolen laptop.

I certainly didn’t expect that my brother’s extremely hot ex-military best friend would be forced to help me recover my most prized possession.

With my new real-life Scooby-Doo along for the ride, our unlikely trio will have to scour our small town to piece together the clues to find out what really happened.

A frenzied search filled with twists and turns, mishaps, and plenty of steam, will have you laughing out loud as Wren and Simon discover so much more than they originally bargained for. They may even find love along the way.

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