Hawaiian Nights by Bethany Shaw


One more big case and the promotion is mine. It’s everything I’ve spent the last six years working for.
Except everything is going all wrong.
New evidence has just come to light that puts my clients in the hot seat. My brother is having a spur of the moment wedding in Hawaii that requires me to fly out immediately.
It’s okay. Nothing I can’t handle. I can work and attend the wedding, right? That’s what emails are for.
It’s not that easy. Jake is there. We’ve been best friends since childhood. Did I forget to mention that we also are friends with benefits? Every time we hook up, I fall more in love with him. He’s the bad boy that my dad would never approve of. He’s the distraction I don’t need.
But my body craves him. He makes me laugh, and for the first time in forever, I’m having fun.
It would never work. We are too different now, living in two different worlds. A relationship with him would destroy everything I’ve been working for. It’s not something I can risk, no matter how big a temptation he is.

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