Hawaii Hottie by Callie Love & Ann Omasta


Tori McKay is enjoying her dream life as a stewardess on a luxury yacht in Hawaii, until she finds the bomb…

Not only did I score a job on one of the biggest mega yachts in Hawaii, but it also happens to be helmed by the one-and-only Captain Hudson Harrison––more commonly known as Captain Hottie.

I should know better than to fall for Captain Hottie; after all, he is my boss. But gazing at him, daydreaming about him, and flirting with him is irresistible.

When Jerry Columbus, the most notorious crime boss in New York City, charters our yacht, the trip is destined to be explosive in the worst possible ways.

What will happen when Tori discovers a ticking bomb intended for the Columbus family mobsters? Find out in Hawaii Hottie.

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