Haven 5: Bonded by Sandra R Neeley


Kron is an Elite Warrior of the Cruestaci military.
He’s temporarily on Earth as support personnel to the Cruestaci Consul to Earth. He’s basically happy on Earth, making friends easily, performing his duties in an exemplary manner. There is only one thing he can’t do. He can’t get Ginger Buchanan out of his brain. And to make matters worse, now her father, Viceroy Buchanan of Earth, has made it clear he expects Kron to marry his daughter. How is he supposed to mate a female who has no idea what that mating would mean? Everything would change for her, including her plans for her future which clearly don’t include life with him on an alien warship. He cares too much for her to force her into a situation that she could never escape. Doesn’t he?

Ginger Buchanan is a confident, self-sufficient young woman, who has no problem going after anything she wants, or voicing her opinions.
Unless those opinions are voiced to her mother. And that is a big problem, because her mother despises aliens. She considers them invaders from another world, and to the contrary, Ginger has fallen in love with one. Kron is everything she’s ever wanted in a male. He’s kind, considerate, strong, capable, and handsome. If she could find a way to gain his attention, she would, but he doesn’t seem interested. Little does she know, her father has offered her in marriage to the very alien she fancies herself in love with.

Forces are working to push Kron and Ginger toward a mating bond that neither is ready for. On discovering manipulation in play to push them together, Ginger angrily turns her back on Kron. But they’re about to find out those manipulations are the least of their worries. A domestic terrorist group known as the Purists have set their sights on driving all aliens from Earth, and are not above using violence and scare tactics to do so. The threat to all aliens and those who associate with them is very real. Kron finds himself thrust into a protective role, watching over the Consul’s home and family — which is no great challenge for him — he’s an Elite Warrior. But support for the Purists lies in surprising places, leading to the disappearance of his mate, his Ginger. Kron is now more focused, more dangerous than he’s ever been. He will stop at nothing to find her and return her to safety, even if she turns her back on him afterward. Will he find her before it’s too late? And if he does, will he and the unsanctioned Cruestaci military unit that’s sent to help him start a war in the meantime?

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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