Hating Mr. Perfect by Suzanne Baltsar


Sparks fly when two polar opposites attend a wedding … and by the end of it they just might want to throw each other into the fire.

The last thing vegan artist and yogi, Gemma Turney, wants to do is be the maid of honor at her mother’s wedding. Thanks to her mom’s revolving door of men, Gemma doesn’t believe in happily ever afters, and she certainly isn’t looking forward to standing at the altar next to obnoxiously attractive and rigidly perfect, Jason. When they’re thrown together for wedding festivities, she can’t help but pick fights to get under his skin. And if she’s honest with herself, she wouldn’t mind getting under his clothes, too.

Jason Mitchell is happy about his godfather’s upcoming nuptials, but he can’t stand free-wheeling Gemma. She’s late for everything, constantly picks fights with him, and can’t seem to locate any socks. Not only is she wildly irritating and annoyingly attractive, she also throws his methodical life way off balance. He can’t help but hang on for the ride even as she forces him out of his comfort zone every time they’re together.

Once the wedding is over and the smoke clears, Gemma and Jason have to discover if hate and love can live side by side or if their happily ever after is destined to go up in flames.

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