Hated By My Roommate by Logan Chance


I might be a small-town girl, but I know a playboy when I see one. And, Tobias Brentwood, the big-city talent scout my father’s recording label wants to hire, rings all my warning bells. He practically has hash marks on his belt strap.

Unfortunately, that’s not all he lights up. I plan to steer clear of his stupid chiseled jawline and sexy blue eyes, regardless of how heated his gaze makes me feel.

That is until my father makes Tobias my temporary roommate so I can get a closer look at the record label’s next big hot shot. I’m pretty sure when my father asked me to spy on Tobias, he didn’t mean from Tobias’ bed, under his glorious body.

But the more I get to know Tobias, the more I know he’s not at all the man I expected. Now my heart is involved and when it comes down to it, my loyalties might be split because this beautiful man is a whole lot more than I gave him credit for.

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