Hard Riding by Penelope Wylde



Big boots, hard-muscled, strong arms and a deliciously thick…you know what I mean.

Boone Urban is the big star of my dreams pretty much since I knew the power of a big O.

He’s also the biggest cowboy in Texas and the hardest to talk sense into. He’s always riding me hard about college. But I have other plans on how I want to spend summer and they start with being between his sheets and end with my godfather’s brother teaching me how to ride a cowboy, save a horse.


She’s my addiction, my curse, my angel. She’s also my brother’s goddaughter.

Talk about off-limits in every way. Too young, too innocent and damn near family.

The spitfire of a woman won’t take no for an answer and when she pushes me too far… let’s just say branding her was never part of my plan, but I only have so much control.

With creamy legs that go on for days and candy pink lips that taste sweeter than apple pie my limits are maxed out. Fast. Before I make her mine, I’ll have to teach her what a hard cowboy like me can do to a good girl like her.

She’s too innocent and perfect, and I’ve wanted her for far too long. I only hope I can be gentle when the time comes to ruin her for any other man but me.

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