Hard Ride by Logan Chance


Can one wild night lead to the forever kind of love?


I’ve been a good girl my entire life. Always followed the rules, toed the line. As the police chief’s daughter, it’s been expected of me. But tonight, I’m done with the boring way of life. All it took was to walk inside this bar and one heated glance from the Silas Irons, the MC president.

He’s too old for me, he’s dangerous and he’s on the wrong side of the law, and I’ve never wanted something more.


I live for my club and my brotherhood. It’s my job to keep everyone in line so I don’t have time for romance. Until the sweetest angel I’ve ever seen walks into our bar and shifts all of my priorities.

Betty Hutton, the police chief’s daughter.

I don’t care that I’m too old for her or that she’s our enemy’s daughter.

One taste of her innocence, and I will do whatever it takes to make her mine. When battle lines are drawn, it puts her life in danger. I’ll risk my club, my life, everything to keep her safe.

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