Happily Ever Laughter by Haley Travis


Finding love through video clips, the desire to create, and an unusual sense of humor.

I’ve always wanted to be an artist. Someone who could genuinely consider themselves a creative person. My little videos and animations were fun, but I’d never really found my inspiration.

Until I met Felix.

His warmth, his humor, and his energy all combine to make me feel… everything. Even though it’s too fast, I want to believe that he is proof I’m actually not going to spend my life alone.

He not only listens to my ideas, he builds on them. He wants to collaborate, and bring me into his world. I love it there, in his bubble of optimism and fascinating projects.

But when something significant to me is ignored, can I find a way past it? A broken heart is one thing, but breaking my artistic heart when it had barely begun beating… That’s pouring a bucket of hurt into a coffee mug. It’s going to spill all over me, and I’m going to get burned.

Thank goodness I have my book club girls to help me sort this out. Even if I’m lovesick, I know the cure – laughter is always the best medicine.

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Contemporary Romance

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