Happily Clever After by Haley Travis


Finding love through an old car named Doris, a tech conference, and the desire to fit like a puzzle piece.

I like my quiet life as a librarian, yet after hearing Claire gush about her new boyfriend, I can’t help but feel a pang of envy. But I’m too busy trying to earn extra money to fix my poor old car to concentrate on that.

Then Milo appears, wanting to fix all of my problems. I likely shouldn’t let him, but every time our skin makes contact, I seem to lose my mind for a while. He acts like I’m the only woman in the world for him, even though we’ve just met.

Whisking me away to a weekend conference isn’t just so that he can listen to my ideas. It’s a whole lot more. He’s heart-wrenchingly sweet, and the way he cares for me so completely is surprising. Craving his warmth, his touch – it’s a totally new, wild feeling that I would never have expected.

Although I feel incredibly close to him, it will take some time to open up. But Milo seems to think that we’re a done deal already.

Can I let him know that I need more time without him feeling rejected? And if I cross a line so early on, will he be able to forgive me?

I’ll need a chat with the book club girls to figure out what I’m thinking. Perhaps I’d be better off if I stop trying to be clever and just try to… be.

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Contemporary Romance

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