Hacker Reexposed by Linzi Baxter


It all started with a call from my past.

After scrimping and saving, Bridget Smith managed to get her forensic IT agency up and running. No small feat considering her father left her destitute and friendless after committing fraud, which forced her to change her identity. But her meticulously crafted façade crumbles when her next vital job is for a handsome former crush and casualty of her dad’s crimes.

Alex Ross runs his multibillion-dollar investment firm with an evenhanded iron fist. So when he uncovers missing money, he’s determined to find the person responsible. But he’s shocked to discover the white-hat hacker he hired is the stunningly hot daughter of the guy who ripped off his family.

Bridget is grateful he doesn’t hold her accountable for the sins of her father, and her relief rekindles forgotten attractions that quickly land them in bed, where Alex proves as dominant as he is in the boardroom. They work side by side to uncover crucial digital evidence, but neither could have guessed the cyberspace strikes would spill over into violent real-world attacks.

Can Bridget and Alex expose a dangerous scam and unlock the code to love?

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