Guilty by Danyelle Scroggins


She’s already got a little bit of everything she needs, but what Heaven doesn’t know is that I am the man who can give her so much more.

It’s never easy when you are a man with a whole lot to offer; but guilt is weighing heavily on your heart.

If Heaven can find it in her heart to forgive me, she’ll realize that she is just what I’ve been praying for, and I plan on doing whatever I need to do to make her happy.

There’s two problems:

She’s so stuck on not being played like a fool, making sure no one takes her stuff, and using the barricades she’s built around her heart to keep her satisfied with being single.

The second problem is, I did something that is going to require her to forgive me.

I’m… Guilty for what I’ve done;

Guilty for hiding my truth and,

Guilty for falling in love with her.

All I know is if she ever starts loving me, and can find it in her heart to forgive me, this Guilty man will be free to love, honor, protect, provide for her, and love her as Christ loves His church.

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