Guardian by Leigh Kelsey


These hot bikers are called Knights for a reason. Get in their way and meet your maker.


As the sergeant-at-arms of the Alpha Knights MC, it’s my job to protect the omegas we save from the twisted men who abuse them. It’s a bloody, violent job, but I’m damn good at it.

I’ve never been tempted by any of the broken women we rescue until Vienna lands in my lap. She’s more damaged than the others, but with a spark of fire that calls to me. I know from the second she locks eyes with me, she’s my mate.

And I’d walk through hell to keep her safe.


I know exactly what alphas are. Vicious, heartless, and deaf to my pleas to stop. The bruises on my body are a testament to their cruelty.

But why do the Knights kill my abuser? And why is Guardian gentle and caring? The badass, tattooed biker looks at me like I’m more than what’s between my legs. Like I’m precious. Like I’m his.

The warmth in my chest tells me we’re bonded, but can I be brave enough to let him in when all alphas do is hurt me?

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