Guarded by Lyz Kelley


He was the one—but could she open the door to his heart.

Tandy was smitten with Jack Burke. He was handsome, honorable, and dedicated to serving the community of Elkridge as a volunteer EMT. He was her everything. Until she realized he could never give her what she wanted most—his heart.

With an exciting job offer in hand, she left the small mountain community to escape her heartache. But now she’s back with a secret she can’t bear to share.

Jack Burke long ago learned to wall off his emotions. As a former Army Special Operations Medic, he witnessed plenty of tragedies, and learned to hide the horrors behind an unbreachable wall at the back of his mind.

But now Tandy Baker has flown back into town and threatens his safe, purposeful life. And once again she buzzes around him, a lovely, iridescent hummingbird more determined than ever to get him to make peace with his past.

Yet Jack is leery of Tandy. Her presence in Elkridge, and the mystery of her return, are threatening to bring down his safety walls.

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