Good with Numbers by Rose Bak


It’s never too late to find romance, especially when your true love turns up at your office. The holidays are coming and the employees at the Fitzgerald accounting firm are falling in love. It’s a good thing there’s not a “no fraternization” policy, because everyone from the boss to the cleaning lady is realizing that sometimes love is right where you least expect it – at work. “Good with Numbers” is a collection of five great holiday romances featuring couples in their forties. Expect strong independent women, alpha males, meddling coworkers, workplace flirting, and a steamy happily ever after. Buy your copy today! This collection includes the following books, all for one low price:

Love Unmasked: Little Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Wolf in this romantic Halloween story. Maya meets the man of her dreams at her friend’s Halloween masquerade party. But when the masks come off she realizes her dream guy is actually her nightmare boss! How can the guy who terrorizes her at work be the same person who makes her forget everything around her with the touch of his lips?

The Thanksgiving Scrooge: There are two things Lana avoids like the plague: relationships and holidays. Although she’s famous for her epic Halloween parties, family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas bring back bad memories she would prefer to forget. Unfortunately, the marketing consultant her company just hired is determined to convert the self-proclaimed Thanksgiving Scrooge into a holiday lover – and a relationship person.

Maid for Christmas: The woman sweeping the floor isn’t who he thinks she is…When Nina slips into his office to clean one evening, James assumes she is the maid. The high-powered billionaire CEO of Johnson Janitorial enjoys playing undercover boss to stay in touch with her employees and keep herself grounded. She doesn’t expect to find love.

Countdown to Love: Holly has given up on dating, but the hot new guy at the office has his eye on her. The only problem is that he’s way too young for her. Nate can’t possibly be interested in a curvy 45-year-old when he can have his pick of women half her age. Or can he?

Valentine’s Lottery: “Valentine shmalentine – count me out!” Valerie isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day or matchmaking services, so when her friend bullies her into attending a Seasoned Singles mixer, she figures it’s highly unlikely that she’ll find Mr. Right. But she’s not expecting to be matched up with Mr. Wrong.

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Romantic Comedy

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