Good Girls Finish Last by Kelsie Calloway


Just like Bonnie had her Clyde, Jagger’s my ride or die.

Fiona Gold was sugar, spice, and everything nice. Then she had a fall from grace, just like all the good girls do. She was caught fooling around with the wrong guy and her reputation went up in flames.

Flash forward five years and the former Westbrook town sweetheart is looking for a bodyguard. She doesn’t need just anyone, she needs a special kind of guy. He needs to be tough… and he needs a flexible conscience.

Jagger Dawson runs the local biker bar, but when someone tells him about an escort searching for a part-time security guy, he signs up for the gig. What he didn’t realize was that he was signing up to be a cash and grab man for a hustler.

Fiona is a schemer. Do a girl wrong once and you might as well put your name down on her hit list. And Fiona’s hit list is a mile long. There are plenty of men she wants to get her revenge on and Jagger’s going to help her do it. A swivel of her hips here, a baseball bat to the back of his head there, then they rob him blind when he’s knocked out. Not to mention do it on his bed before the poor schlub wakes up…

Bonnie might have had Clyde, but Fiona has Jagger. What more could a girl ask for?

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