Golden Guardian by Strawberry Chase


Angels aren’t as pure as we think they are.
I have everything going for me in life, everything is in order, except for my brother whose gambling habit is getting out of control. Imagine my surprise when he’s arrested, and the Las Vegas cop who picked him up is none other than the handsome golden boy, Officer Christopher Dominion, whom I’ve met before.

But now that my brother and his associations with a criminal underground is affecting me, I need Christopher’s help.
And more. I want all of him. What is it about this cop that drives me crazy?

Oh, because he’s more than just a police officer. He’s an Angel in disguise. The pragmatic part of my brain can’t accept that. My body, on the other hand . . .

What will happen to my brother, to me, to him, when the time comes to bring this criminal gambling enterprise to the ground? What will he sacrifice for a measly human like myself?

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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