Going Offside by Van Cole


A childhood friend turns into a college rival, and the worst thing is I want him, badly.

We were preparing for the big football game against our rivals when I saw him, my old childhood friend.
Now he’s strutting his stuff as a male cheerleader, his tight muscles on display, playing havoc with my mind.

I’ve still been struggling to come out.
The last thing I need is to have a crush on a rival cheerleader, especially when that person is from my past.
I have to try and keep things a secret because there’s no way an enemy can become a lover, but why can’t I stop thinking about him?
Is this just a case of opposites attracting?

I have to try and keep it together because if anyone finds out then my cover will be blown and I’m not ready to be out.
My Dad would kill me.
But damn if I don’t hate the way Liam makes it look so easy…

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