Gerald by McKayla Schutt


A strong dragon like Stella Herrman never pictured herself unable to complete the bond with her future mate. She refuses to mark the alpha until he bites first but her dragon wants to lay claim to Gerald Baudin, no matter the consequences.

Stella had been searching for the Tundra clan of dragons and when she ran into the dragon alpha, she never expected him to be hotter than dragon’s breath. The alpha isn’t her only problem as her past tries to bite her in the ass. Stella’s need for a home should be an easy problem to fix but everything keeps fighting against her dreams.

Gerald Baudin is a strong alpha dragon of the Northern Tundra Clan, but he’s been wanting more in life like a mate and kids. Yet he’d be damned if he lets the fiery female dragon mess up the peace in his territory. Every instinct tells Gerald he should kick Stella out of his land but his freaking dragon wants her. His beast would rather destroy everything than let Stella go. But his human side isn’t sure he can trust the shedragon. A male dragon from Nevada wants Stella and is willing to go to war if he doesn’t get her.

Even with all the problems Stella brings, her dragon fire is breaking down all his barriers. Now that he truly wants her he might be too late.

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